Gregory Maxwell

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The IETF recently standardized the Opus codec as RFC6716. Opus targets a wide range of real-time Internet applications by combining a linear prediction coder with a transform coder. We describe the transform coder, with particular attention to the psychoacoustic knowledge built into the format. The result out-performs existing audio codecs that do not(More)
—With increasing quality requirements for multime-dia communications, audio codecs must maintain both high quality and low delay. Typically, audio codecs offer either low delay or high quality, but rarely both. We propose a codec that simultaneously addresses both these requirements, with a delay of only 8.7 ms at 44.1 kHz. It uses gain-shape algebraic(More)
We propose an audio codec that addresses the low-delay requirements of some applications such as network music performance. The codec is based on the modified discrete cosine transform (MDCT) with very short frames and uses gain-shape quantization to preserve the spectral envelope. The short frame sizes required for low delay typically hinder the(More)
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