Gregory Martin Metz

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Given its greater availability and lower cost, (129) Xe apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) MRI offers an alternative to (3) He ADC MRI. To demonstrate the feasibility of hyperpolarized (129) Xe ADC MRI, we present results from healthy volunteers (HV), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) subjects, and age-matched healthy controls (AMC). The mean(More)
Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Chlamydophila pneumoniae are atypical bacteria that are frequently found in patients with asthma. A definitive diagnosis of infection is often difficult to obtain because of limitations with sampling and detection. Numerous animal studies have outlined mechanisms by which these infections may promote allergic lung inflammation and(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the safety and tolerability of inhaling multiple 1-L volumes of undiluted hyperpolarized xenon 129 ((129)Xe) followed by up to a 16-second breath hold and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study was approved by the institutional review board and was HIPAA compliant. Written informed consent was obtained.(More)
BACKGROUND One of the central physiological functions of the lungs is to transfer inhaled gases from the alveoli to pulmonary capillary blood. However, current measures of alveolar gas uptake provide only global information and thus lack the sensitivity and specificity needed to account for regional variations in gas exchange. METHODS AND PRINCIPAL(More)
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