Gregory M. Troup

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The purpose of this paper is to provide a summary of the current state of the application of process systems engineering tools in the pharmaceutical industry. In this paper, we present the compiled results of an industrial questionnaire submitted to pharmaceutical industry professionals. The topics covered in the questionnaire include process analytics,(More)
The mitogenic effects of isotypically diverse antibodies to the T3 molecule were examined in genetically diverse population groups. Whereas the OKT3 antibody (IgG2a) was mitogenic for blood mononuclear cells from all individuals tested, the 38.1 antibody (IgM) was consistently nonmitogenic. In contrast, studies of the mitogenic effects of the Leu-4 antibody(More)
Ultrastructural investigation of bone marrow histiocytes in neurovisceral storage disorder associated with vertical ophthalmoplegia revealed 3 types of cytosomes: (1) lamellar cytosomes; (2) larger cytosomes composed of lamellar fragments and a granular component; and (3) large irregular cytosomes with amorphous and granular portions, often including(More)
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