Gregory M. Shaver

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and Nielsen D (2015) Impact of cylinder deactivation on active diesel particulate filter regeneration at highway cruise conditions. Heavy-duty over-the-road trucks require periodic active diesel particulate filter regen-eration to clean the filter of stored particulate matter. These events require sustained temperatures between 500 and 600°C to complete the(More)
— Piezoelectric fuel injectors provide a means to lower emissions, noise and fuel consumption in advanced IC engines by enabling complex injection rate profiles-referred to a " rate shaping ". However, consideration of the flow rate non-linearity, piezostack hysteresis, and hydro-mechanical dynamics is required to achieve precise control of rate shaping.(More)
— Advanced combustion modes, such as PCCI, operate near the system stability limits. In PCCI, the combustion event begins without a direct combustion trigger in contrast to traditional spark-ignited gasoline engines and direct-injected diesel engines. The lack of a direct combustion trigger necessitates the usage of model-based controls to provide robust(More)
— Concern over the availability of fossil fuels and energy usage have produced an interest in both alternative fuels and new engine technologies such as variable valve timing to improve engine efficiency. Fuel-flexible engines permit the increased use of ethanol-gasoline blends. Ethanol is a renewable fuel which has the added advantage of improving(More)
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