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This paper lays the foundations for a processing model of relative acceptability levels in verb phrase ellipsis (VPE). In the proposed model, mis-matching VPE examples are grammatical but less acceptable because they violate heuristic parsing strategies. This analysis is presented in a Minimalist Grammar formalism that is compatible with standard parsing(More)
Minimalist grammars are a mildly context-sensitive grammar framework within which analyses in mainstream chomskyian syntax can be faithfully represented. Here it is shown that both the derivation tree languages and derived tree languages of minimalist grammars are closed under intersection with regular tree languages. This allows us to conclude that taking(More)
Minimalist grammars offer a formal perspective on a popular linguistic theory, and are comparable in weak generative capacity to other mildly context sensitive formalism. Minimalist grammars allow for the straightforward definition of so-called remnant movement constructions, which have found use in many linguistic analyses. It has been conjectured that the(More)
The phenomenon of Inverse Linking has proven challenging for theories of the syntax-semantics interface; a noun phrase within another behaves with respect to binding as though it were structurally independent. In this paper I show that, using an LF-movement style approach to the syntax-semantics interface, we can derive all and only the appropriate meanings(More)