Gregory Lueck

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Analysis of parallel programs is hard mainly because their behavior changes from run to run. We present an execution capture and deterministic replay system that enables repeatable analysis of parallel programs. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use framework for capturing, deterministically replaying, and analyzing execution of large programs with(More)
We present a collection of tools, DrDebug, that greatly advances the state-of-the-art of cyclic, interactive debugging of multi-threaded programs based upon the record and replay paradigm. The features of DrDebug significantly increase the efficiency of debugging by tailoring the scope of replay to a buggy execution region or an execution slice of a buggy(More)
Dynamic binary instrumentation systems have become popular frameworks for building custom program analysis tools. For example, Pin [8], Valgrind [9], and DynamoRIO [5] have been used to build a variety of memory checking, thread checking, cache simulation, and profiling tools. However, there has been little emphasis on building custom debugging tools with(More)
A computer system is connected on-line to each working place of a department for nuclear medicine. It is assisting the daily work such as the measuring and processing of the measured data, the medical interpretation of the results and the finding of the diagnosis, and finally the composing and writing of medical reports. Additionally this system supports(More)
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