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The otd/Otx gene family encodes paired-like homeodomain proteins that are involved in the regulation of anterior head structure and sensory organ development. Using the yeast one-hybrid screen with a bait containing the Ret 4 site from the bovine rhodopsin promoter, we have cloned a new member of the family, Crx (Cone rod homeobox). Crx encodes a 299 amino(More)
Tottering and leaner, two mutations of the mouse tottering locus, have been studied extensively as models for human epilepsy. Here we describe the isolation, mapping, and expression analysis of Cacnl1a4, a gene encoding the alpha subunit of a proposed P-type calcium channel, and also report the physical mapping and expression patterns of the orthologous(More)
In a systematic effort for mapping of all the human ribosomal protein (rp) genes, we have found that an unusually large number (12) of rp genes are present on chromosome 19 and subsequently determined their locations on the chromosome by a radiation-hybrid procedure. For this, we isolated cosmid clones corresponding to each gene and placed nine of them on a(More)
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