Gregory L. Powell

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Although respiratory muscle motor units have been studied during natural breathing, simultaneous measures of muscle force have never been obtained. Tongue retractor muscles, such as the hyoglossus (HG), play an important role in swallowing, licking, chewing, breathing, and, in humans, speech. The HG is phasically recruited during the inspiratory phase of(More)
Forest tree breeders often use single-tree plots, rather than multiple-tree plots, to maximize the number of genotypes tested, increase precision of genetic predictions, and achieve greater genetic gains per unit of time. However, genetically improved individuals are deployed operationally on large tracts of land, as stands, more like multiple-tree plots.(More)
Maternal smoking or use of other products containing nicotine during pregnancy can have significant adverse consequences for respiratory function in neonates. We have shown, in previous studies, that developmental nicotine exposure (DNE) in a model system compromises the normal function of respiratory circuits within the brainstem. The effects of DNE(More)
Developmental nicotine exposure (DNE) is associated with increased risk of cardiorespiratory, intellectual, and behavioral abnormalities in neonates, and is a risk factor for apnea of prematurity, altered arousal responses and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Alterations in nicotinic acetylcholine receptor signaling (nAChRs) after DNE lead to changes in(More)
The title compound, [Re(2)(C(7)H(4)NS(2))(4)Cl(2)].CH(2)Cl(2), consists of dirhenium molecules with bridging N,S-benzothiazole-2-thiolate ligands, axial Cl(-) ligands and intramolecular hydrogen bonding. These molecules adopt somewhat staggered conformations, with a long Re-Re quadruple bond distance of 2.2716 (3) A.
Smoothly graded muscle contractions depend in part on the precision and reliability of motoneuron action potential generation. Whether or not a motoneuron generates spikes precisely and reliably depends on both its intrinsic membrane properties and the nature of the synaptic input that it receives. Factors that perturb neuronal intrinsic properties and/or(More)
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