Gregory L. Long

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The hypotheses that deaf students would be more field-dependent than hearing students and that their competence in communication skills would be positively related to field-independence were supported for a group of 77 male and 67 female deaf students. Step-wise multiple regression analyses of the data showed that for females spatial skills followed by(More)
A generalized quantum search algorithm, where phase inversions for the marked state and the prepared state are replaced by π/2 phase rotations, is realized in a 2-qubit NMR heteronuclear system. The quantum algorithm searches a marked state with a smaller step compared to standard Grover algorithm. Phase matching requirement in quantum searching is(More)
Quantum phase estimation with arbitrary constant-precision phase shift operators (9&10) 864 G. Alagic, Quantum algorithms for invariants of triangulated manifolds (9&10) 843 D.M. Appleby, The monomial representations of the Clifford group (5&6) 404 R. Bachman, Perfect state transfer on quotient graphs (3&4) 293 P. Beame, The quantum query complexity of AC0(More)
Spectrum and electric dipole transition rates and relative intensities in 152−154 Sm, 156−160 Gd, 160−162 Dy are studied in the framework of the interacting boson model with s,p,d,f bosons. It is found that E1 transition data among the low-lying levels are in good agreement with the SU(3) dynamical symmetry of the spdf interacting boson model proposed by(More)
  • Li Xiao, G L Long, Hai-Yang Yan, Yang Sun
  • 2002
] achieves an exponential speedup. In this paper, we report the experimental realization of the Brüschweiler algorithm in a 3-qubit NMR ensemble system. The pulse sequences are used for the algorithms and the measurement method used here is improved on that used by Brüschweiler, namely, instead of quantitatively measuring the spin projection of the ancilla(More)