Gregory L. Hillhouse

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The title compound, [Co2Na2{μ2-N(SiMe3)2}4](μ4-O), (I), represents a new entry in the class of inverse crown ethers. In the mol-ecule, each Co atom is formally in the oxidation state +II. The structure contains one half of a unique mol-ecule per asymmetric unit with the central μ4-oxido ligand residing on an inversion center, leading to a planar(More)
The three-coordinate imidos (dtbpe)Ni═NR (dtbpe = (t)Bu2PCH2CH2P(t)Bu2, R = 2,6-(i)Pr2C6H3, 2,4,6-Me3C6H2 (Mes), and 1-adamantyl (Ad)), which contain a legitimate Ni-N double bond as well as basic imido nitrogen based on theoretical analysis, readily deprotonate HC≡CPh to form the amide acetylide species (dtbpe)Ni{NH(Ar)}(C≡CPh). In the case of R =(More)
Methyl triflate reacts with the metastable azoxymetallacyclo-pentene complex Cp* 2 Zr(N(O)NCPhCPh), generated in situ from nitrous oxide insertion into the Zr−C bond of Cp* 2 Zr(η 2-PhCCPh) at −78 °C, to afford the salt [Cp* 2 Zr(N(O)N(Me)CPhCPh)][O 3 SCF 3 ] (1) in 48% isolated yield. A single-crystal X-ray structure of 1 features a planar(More)
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