Gregory L Asgaard

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Attentional dysfunction in schizophrenia (SZ) is a core deficit that contributes to multiple cognitive deficits and the resulting functional disability. However, developing procognitive therapeutics for neuropsychiatric disorders have been limited by a 'translational gap'--a lack of cognitive paradigms having cross-species translational validity and(More)
Vigilance, which requires attending to relevant while ignoring irrelevant stimuli, is a cognitive domain impacted by schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Various continuous performance tests (CPT) have been used to examine neural correlates of vigilance within people with and without severe mental illness, though there are limited cross-species paradigms(More)
Despite the importance of the subject, the effects of nicotine on the interplay between affect and attentional bias are not clear. This interplay was assessed with a novel design of the Primed Attentional Competition Task (PACT). It included a 200-ms duration emotional priming picture (negative, positive, or neutral) followed by a dual-target picture of two(More)
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