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We describe the organization of lateral line nerves and ganglia in the embryonic zebrafish, Danio rerio. Two lateral line nerves are found anterior to the otic vesicle: the anterodorsal nerve innervates neuromasts of the supraorbital, infraorbital, and otic lines, whereas the anteroventral nerve innervates the mandibular and opercular lines. An additional(More)
Hospital system formation has recently accelerated. Executives emphasize scale economies that lower operating costs, a claim unsupported in academic research. Do systems achieve lower costs than freestanding facilities, and, if so, which system types? We test hypotheses about the relationship of cost with membership in systems, larger systems, and(More)
Background. The most common chemotherapies in metastatic soft tissue sarcoma (mSTS) require intravenous (IV) administration. This often requires patients to make multiple outpatient visits per chemotherapy cycle, possibly impeding patients' daily activities and increasing caregiver burden and medical costs. This study investigated costs associated with IV(More)
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