Gregory Kramer

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Auditory displays are becoming more and more common, but there are still no general guidelines for mapping data dimensions (e.g., temperature) onto display dimensions (e.g., pitch). This paper presents experimental research on different mappings and metaphors, in a generic process-control task environment, with reaction time and accuracy as dependent(More)
In the rotifer Brachionus calyciflorus mictic-female production is density-dependent and appears to be induced by a chemical—a quorum sensing molecule—produced by the females themselves. Even at the highest densities, however, populations never become entirely mictic: i.e., some amictic females continue to be produced. Surprisingly, the phenomenon also(More)
The idea behind sonification is that synthetic non-verbal sounds can represent numerical data and provide support for information processing activities of many different kinds. This article describes some of the ways that sonification has been used in assistive technologies, remote collaboration, engineering analyses, scientific visualisations, emergency(More)
Many sonification techniques use acoustic attributes such as frequency, intensity, and timbre to represent different characteristics of multidimensional data. Here we demonstrate a perceptual interaction between changes in pitch and loudness, as well as perceived asymmetries in directional change. Three experiments show that changes in loudness can(More)
The original Walker and Kramer paper at ICAD 1996 studied the mapping of data dimensions (e.g., temperature) onto sound dimensions (e.g., pitch). In this commentary we consider the historical and methodological context of that early work, discuss its relevance to the field of auditory display, and point out how it forms part of a body of work with ties to(More)
This special issue of <i>ACM Transactions on Applied Perception</i> is intended to commemorate the tenth International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD) and to serve as an introduction and overview of the field of auditory displays. This paper discusses the goals of the issue and describes the paper selection process. The selected papers are also(More)