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Two cases of large asymptomatic cysts of the lateral ventricle are presented. The cyst walls or cyst contours were demonstrated well by proton density-weighted or T2-weighted spin echo images. These cysts are being detected as incidental findings in increasing frequency with the increasing use of MR imaging. Our data and review of the literature suggest(More)
A 30-year-old man presented with sagittal sinus thrombosis. He had a history of multiple thrombotic events since adolescence, and his father had had a similar history. Laboratory studies revealed the complete absence of free protein S in his plasma. Protein S deficiency, an autosomal dominant disorder, is an identifiable cause of cerebral thrombosis. The(More)
Aneurysms in the petrous or cavernous portion of the internal carotid artery in childhood are extremely rare. Only two such cases have been previously reported. We present a case of bilateral giant intrapetrous aneurysms in a young female. CT was especially helpful in evaluating the absolute size of these aneurysms. This case is unique in that we(More)
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