Gregory K. Fricke

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To fully describe gene expression dynamics requires the ability to quantitatively capture expression in individual cells over time. Automated systems for acquiring and analyzing real-time images are needed to obtain unbiased data across many samples and conditions. We developed a microfluidics device, the RootArray, in which 64 Arabidopsis thaliana(More)
From 20 September through 5 October 2012, the largest recorded food-borne outbreak in Germany occurred. Norovirus was identified as the causative agent. We conducted four analytical epidemiological studies, two case–control studies and two surveys (in total 150 cases) in secondary schools in three different federal states. Overall, 390 institutions in five(More)
UNLABELLED Children with achondroplasia may have high cervical myelopathy due to stenosis of the cranio-cervical junction resulting in neurological disability and an increased rate of sudden death. To detect myelopathy we recorded somatosensory evoked potentials (SEPs) after median nerve stimulation in 30 patients with achondroplasia aged 13 months to 18(More)
  • P Dankelmann, D J Erwin, G Fricke, W Goddard, H C Swart
An e = 1 function is a function f : V (G) → [0, 1] such that every non-isolated vertex u is adjacent to some vertex v such that f (u) + f (v) = 1, and every isolated vertex w has f (w) = 1. A theory of e = 1 functions is developed focussing on minimal and maximal e = 1 functions. Relationships are traced between e = 1 parameters and some well-known(More)
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