Gregory Johnson

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Gathering relevant and credible information from massive, available data spaces is critical for intelligence analysis. We describe our ongoing effort in constructing a framework of services to support the analysts, which include personalized information retrieval and summarization with deception detection. By incorporating a user model that captures the(More)
BACKGROUND Exercise treadmill testing (ETT) has been standard for evaluating outpatients at risk for cardiovascular events. Few studies have demonstrated its prognostic usefulness in emergency department chest pain units or have used the Duke score [(exercise duration in minutes) - (5 x ST-segment deviation in millimeters) - (4 x treadmill angina index)] to(More)
subject to the following: (a) the Report may be used solely for your personal, informational, non-commercial use; (b) the Report may not be modified or altered in any way; (c) the Report may not be redistributed; and (d) the trademark, copyright or other notices may not be removed. You may quote portions of the Report as permitted by the Fair Use provisions(More)
This paper will detail the processes in the design, revamp and commissioning of an existing 12 kV–4.16 kV 15 MVA secondary-selective substation for a major refinery with its N-1 capacity already exceeded due to load creep. The project installs a third 15 MVA transformer with associated switchgear, bus ducts, protection and transfer control system.(More)
Counter denial and deception plays a prominent role in intelligence analysis, but automated tools intended to support the intelligence analyst generally do not take denial and deception into account. Analysts often must choose a most likely analytic hypothesis among multiple competing hypotheses using information, or knowledge, from many diverse sources,(More)
The Coast Guard currently operates a maritime differential GPS service consisting of two control centers and over 85 remote broadcast sites. This service broadcasts GPS correction information on marine radiobeacon frequencies to improve the accuracy and integrity of GPS. The existing system provides differential corrections over a medium frequency carrier(More)
The staff members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and of the Federal Reserve Banks undertake studies that cover a wide range of economic and financial subjects. From time to time the studies that are of general interest are published in the Staff Studies series and summarized in the Federal Reserve Bulletin. The following paper,(More)
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