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Institutional Dynamics on the U.S. Court of Appeals: Minority Representation Under Panel Decision Making
This article assesses how the institutional context of decision making on three-judge panels of the federal Court of Appeals affects the impact that gender and race have on judicial decisions. OurExpand
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Estimating Dynamic Panel Data Models in Political Science
Panel data are a very valuable resource for finding empirical solutions to political science puzzles. Yet numerous published studies in political science that use panel data to estimate models withExpand
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Legislative entrepreneurship in the U.S. House of Representatives
When members are elected to the House of Representatives they have a certain freedom to decide how they will act as members and how they will build their reputations. Just as in the market placeExpand
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Filibuster: Obstruction and Lawmaking in the U.S. Senate
Parliamentary obstruction, popularly known as the "filibuster," has been a defining feature of the U.S. Senate throughout its history. In this book, Gregory J. Wawro and Eric Schickler explain howExpand
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A Panel Probit Analysis of Campaign Contributions and Roll-Call Votes
Despite numerous analyses of the relationship between campaign contributions and the roll-call voting behavior of members of Congress, we still lack definitive answers to longstanding questions aboutExpand
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American political development and new challenges of causal inference
Members of the subfield of American Political Development (APD), like other political scientists, are confronting the identification revolution in the social sciences. They are exploring whether andExpand
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Where's the Pivot? Obstruction and Lawmaking in the Pre-cloture Senate
This article employs a three-pronged approach to test competing theories regarding the size of coalitions required for passing legislation prior to the adoption of cloture in the Senate. We compareExpand
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Designing Historical Social Scientific Inquiry: How Parameter Heterogeneity Can Bridge the Methodological Divide between Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches
Seeking to advance historical studies of political institutions and behavior, we argue for an expansion of the standard methodological toolkit with a set of innovative approaches that privilegeExpand
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Presidential Pork Barrel Politics
Presidential Pork Barrel Politics Although the literature on pork barrel politics in the United States is decidedly Congress-centered, we argue that presidents pursue strategies to target federalExpand
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The Politics of Opinion Assignment and Authorship on the US Court of Appeals: Evidence from Sexual Harassment Cases
AbstractWe evaluate opinion assignment and authorship on the US courts of appeals. We derive theoretical explanations and predictions for opinion assignment that are motivated by the courts ofExpand
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