Gregory J. Wolff

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Our contextual inquiry into the practices of oral historians unearthed a curious incongruity. While oral historians consider interview recordings a central historical artifact, these recordings sit unused after a written transcript is produced. We hypothesized that this is largely because books are more usable than recordings. Therefore, we created Books(More)
We have developed visual preprocessing algorithms for extracting phonologically relevant features from the grayscale video image of a speaker, to provide speaker-independent inputs for an automatic lipreading ("speechreading") system. Visual features such as mouth open/closed, tongue visible/not-visible, teeth visible/not-visible, and several shape(More)
A self-report measure of proneness to shame and guilt was administered to 86 patients with moderate to severe depression, with the prediction that there would be a positive correlation of shame with severity of depression. Contrary to other, non-clinical studies, we found that guilt but not shame was associated with levels of depression. Shame-proneness(More)
Huntington's chorea is an autosomal dominant inherited disease with a chronic course and atrophy of the corpus striatum. PET examination shows reduced glucose metabolism in the caudate nucleus. We examined seven patients with Huntington's chorea by SPECT, using 99mTc-HMPAO. All patients had cortical defects of varying severity. In addition, five patients(More)
This paper proposes a novel user interface to manage the dynamic layout of multimedia objects in the Multimedia Bulletin Board (MBB) system. The MBB has been designed and implemented as a prototype of an asynchronous communication system that enables rich communication and collaboration among users of multimedia objects such as text, image, moving picture,(More)
"Error-Confidence" measures the probability that the proportion of errors made by a classifier will be within epsilon of EB, the optimal (Bayes) error. Probably Almost Bayes (PAB) theory attempts to quantify how this confidence increases with the number of training samples. We investigate the relationship empirically by comparing average error versus number(More)
We built a high-speed, digital mean-field Boltzmann chip and SBus board for general problems in constraint satjsfaction and learning. Each chip has 32 neural processors and 4 weight update processors, supporting an arbitrary topology of up to 160 functional neurons. On-chip learning is at a theoretical maximum rate of 3.5 x 10 8 connection updates/sec;(More)
Parents of sick or handicapped children often exhibit strong guilt feelings. These can be justified but equally can be irrational, based on magic, prescientific thinking. However, quite often they have an emotionally stabilising function for the parents. Using clinical examples possible reasons for, and the importance of these parental guilt feelings in(More)
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