Gregory J. Smith

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Mention of trade names or commercial products does not constitute endorsement or recommendation for use. requires the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to publish water quality criteria that accurately reflect the latest scientific knowledge on the kind and extent of all identifiable effects on health and welfare that might be expected(More)
A designer looking at a drawing sometimes notices things not originally intended. Conversely, not all implications of a design action are considered before each depiction action is taken. This paper describes an approach to understanding and reproducing this behaviour based on a situated interaction with an external representation.
Informal notions of context often imply much more than that captured in many computational formalisms of it. The view presented in this paper, built on our understanding of designing, is of context being larger than any one agent's representation of it. This paper describes how for an agent's reasoning about context it is the current situation that(More)
Memory in a computational system is usually taken to be a place filled with things called " memories ". These places are indexed by either knowing its location or its content. For situated design agents, however, memory is a reflection of how the system has adapted to its environment. This paper describes the characteristics required of such a memory in a(More)
Cognitive studies of designers often involve sketching, but studies using artificial intelligence often apply a search paradigm. Sketching is an interaction between an agent and an environment. Perception influences how shape rules are applied, and the application of the rules influences future perception. One motivation behind our work is to(More)
Addition of menthol to cigarettes may be associated with increased initiation of smoking. The potential mechanisms underlying this association are not known. Menthol, likely due to its effects on cold-sensing peripheral sensory neurons, is known to inhibit the sensation of irritation elicited by respiratory irritants. However, it remains unclear whether(More)
• Instantaneous quantification of migratory bird movements on a broad scale. • Identification of critical habitats for restoration. • Identification of priorities for critical habitat acquisition. • Improved surveys of migrating and wintering birds. • Adaptive assessment of ecological restoration projects. • Understanding potential effects of wind energy(More)