Gregory J. Smith

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Fumonisin toxicosis in swine was named porcine pulmonary edema (PPE) after outbreaks of a fatal disease in pigs fed Fusarium verticillioides (F. moniliforme)-contaminated corn screenings from the 1989 corn crop in Iowa, Illinois, and Georgia. Pigs that died had severe pulmonary edema, which has not been identified in other species after exposure to(More)
Informal notions of context often imply much more than that captured in many computational formalisms of it. The view presented in this paper, built on our understanding of designing, is of context being larger than any one agent's representation of it. This paper describes how for an agent's reasoning about context it is the current situation that(More)
Addition of menthol to cigarettes may be associated with increased initiation of smoking. The potential mechanisms underlying this association are not known. Menthol, likely due to its effects on cold-sensing peripheral sensory neurons, is known to inhibit the sensation of irritation elicited by respiratory irritants. However, it remains unclear whether(More)
BACKGROUND Although it is known that acetaminophen causes oxidative injury in the liver, it is not known whether it causes oxidative stress in the respiratory tract. If so, this widely used analgesic may potentiate the adverse effects of oxidant air pollutants. OBJECTIVES The goal of this study was to determine if acetaminophen induces respiratory tract(More)
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