Gregory J Shuttlewood

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This paper examines the mental wellbeing of children of Australian migrants. Migration can be viewed as a natural experiment in which persons of one culture have their beliefs, values and behaviours challenged by the host culture. Such a process could be expected to lead to impaired mental health amongst migrants and their children. This paper investigates(More)
Research into the efficacy of psychotherapy has often reported equivalence in treatment outcome when comparing different therapies. These findings have been interpreted as evidence for what are variously termed placebo, common or nonspecific processes. We suggested that this issue is best examined in comparison of specific and nonspecific processes in the(More)
OBJECTIVE While much work has gone into developing measures of specific factors in psychotherapy for depression, measures for non-specific factors have been lacking. This paper aims to develop a scale for a non-specific factor called 'Satisfaction with Therapy and Therapist Scale'. METHOD Sixty-seven patients with major depression completed the(More)
Socioeconomic inequalities in the health of adults have been largely attributed to lifestyle inequalities. The cognitive development (CD) and emotional health (EH) of the child provides a basis for many of the health-related behaviours which are observed in adulthood. There has been relatively little attention paid to the way CD and EH are transmitted in(More)
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