Gregory J. Offer

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Prevention and mitigation of thermal runaway presents one of the greatest challenges for the safe operation of lithium-ion batteries. Here, we demonstrate for the first time the application of high-speed synchrotron X-ray computed tomography and radiography, in conjunction with thermal imaging, to track the evolution of internal structural damage and(More)
Lithium-sulfur cells present an attractive alternative to Li-ion batteries due to their large energy density, safety, and possible low cost. Their successful commercialisation is dependent on improving their performance, but also on acquiring sufficient understanding of the underlying mechanisms to allow for the development of predictive models for(More)
—This paper presents a fast, cost effective technique for the measurement of battery impedance on-line in an application such as an electric or hybrid vehicle. Impedance measurements on lithium-ion batteries between 1 Hz and 2 kHz give information about the electrochemical reactions within a cell, which relates to state of charge, internal temperature and(More)
The ability of the beta-adrenoceptor agonist isoprenaline to inhibit agonist-stimulated phosphoinositide metabolism was examined in bovine tracheal smooth muscle slices prelabelled with [3H]inositol. Accumulation of [3H]inositol phosphates was enhanced by the muscarinic agonists carbachol, oxotremorine and pilocarpine although the latter were only partial(More)
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