Gregory J. Lewis

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Conventional (e.g. MgH 2) and complex hydrides (e.g. ala-nates, borohydrides, and amides) are the two primary classes of solid-state hydrogen-storage materials. [1–3] Many of these " high-density " hydrides have the potential to store large amounts of hydrogen by weight (up to 18.5 wt % for LiBH 4) and/or volume (up to 112 g L À1 for MgH 2), values that are(More)
We have investigated the ternary mixture of complex hydrides with stoichiometry 2LiNH 2 + LiBH 4 + MgH 2 , and have identified a set of novel hydrogen storage reactions. One of these reactions involves the known reversible reaction Mg(NH 2) 2 + 2LiH ↔ Li 2 Mg(NH) 2 + 2H 2. Previous studies have shown that initiating this reaction from the binary mixture(More)
Here we apply combinatorial synthesis and screening (CSS) techniques with synthesis and testing of up to 48 samples in parallel to increase the rate of discovery of improved complex hydrides and dopants. In this paper we will demonstrate the application of CSS to a detailed investigation of the ternary LiNH 2 –MgH 2 –LiBH 4 phase diagram. Most points on(More)
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