Gregory J. Ettl

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Sustainable production of biomass for bioenergy relies on low-input crop production. Inoculation of bioenergy crops with plant growth-promoting endophytes has the potential to reduce fertilizer inputs through the enhancement of biological nitrogen fixation (BNF). Endophytes isolated from native poplar growing in nutrient-poor conditions were selected for a(More)
This paper describes the foundations of a market mechanism that was designed to stimulate more efficient provisions of forest ecosystem services to society. The proposed tool is a competitive multi-unit public goods subscription game of incomplete information. A conceptual and mathematical characterization of the game is followed by an illustrative example(More)
Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) seedlings are periodically challenged by biotic and abiotic stresses. The ability of endophytes to colonize the interior of plants could confer benefits to host plants that may play an important role in plant adaptation to environmental changes. In this greenhouse study, nursery-grown Douglas-fir seedlings were inoculated(More)
The objectives of this study are to understand tradeoffs between forest carbon and timber values, and evaluate the impact of uncertainty in improved forest management (IFM) carbon offset projects to improve forest management decisions. The study uses probabilistic simulation of uncertainty in financial risk for three management scenarios (clearcutting in(More)
The effects of flooding depth, fertilization and initial seedling size on the growth and biomass allocation of two wetland sedges, Carex obnupta and Carex stipata. Nathaniel Hough-Snee Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Professor Kern Ewing School of Forest Resources Flooding and nutrient stress are common environmental factors that affect the composition(More)
The loss of private forestland diminishes ecosystems, including wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration and clean water. The emergence of new markets for forest ecosystem services offers one solution for private forestland financing while having the potential to increase the provision of forest ecosystem services. The general public’s willingness to(More)
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