Gregory J. Clary

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We address the problem of automatic recognition of un-constrained handwritten text. Statistical methods, such as hidden Markov models (HMMs) have been used successfully for speech recognition and they have recently been applied to the problem of handwriting recognition as well. In this paper, we will discuss a general recognition system for large(More)
In an on-line handwriting recognition system, the motion of the tip of the stylus (pen) is sampled at equal time intervals using a digitizer tablet and the sampled points are passed to a computer which performs the handwriting recognition. In most cases, the basic recognition algorithm performs best for a nominal size of writing as well as a standard(More)
PURPOSE To determine the speed, accuracy, ease of use, and user satisfaction of various electronic data entry platforms for use in the collection of mammography clinical trials data. METHOD AND MATERIALS Four electronic data entry platforms were tested: standalone personal digital assistant (PDA), Tablet PC, digitizer Tablet/PDA Hybrid (DTP Hybrid), and(More)
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