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The novelty P3 is an event-related potential component that is most often elicited by environmental sounds within the "novelty oddball" paradigm. Within the context of this paradigm, it is not clear if the novelty P3 can be elicited by deviant stimuli regardless of whether they serve as target or nontarget deviants, or to what extent the physical(More)
Young (M = 22) and elderly volunteers (M = 74) participated in an ERP study that examined rule-based feature ion in the auditory modality. Stimuli were either a frequent ascending tone pair or an infrequent descending tone pair. Tone-pairs were presented under three conditions. Physical feature monaural (1 tone pair), feature monaural (10 tone pairs), and(More)
Data on gut transfer factors for environmental forms of radionuclides are essential for estimates of public radiation exposures following ingestion, and thus in decisions on controlling waste discharges. Dose estimates for transuranic nuclides are particularly sensitive to uncertainties stemming from gut transfer data being related to non-environmental(More)
BACKGROUND There is mounting interest in using c-kit positive human cardiac stem cells (c-kit(pos) hCSCs) to repair infarcted myocardium in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy. A recent phase I clinical trial (SCIPIO) has shown that intracoronary infusion of 1 million hCSCs is safe. Higher doses of CSCs may provide superior reparative ability; however, it(More)
US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations require that persons with disabilities not be discriminated against in the pricing of airline travel. To comply with these regulations, the websites of airlines are not currently required to be accessible for persons with disabilities. However, if an airline website is inaccessible, the airline must offer to(More)
Gregory Hunt opened a general discussion of the papers by Anton Kokalj, Angelos Michaelides, and Christopher Taylor: Can you comment on how you apply DFT to non-aqueous systems (hydrocarbons)? How does the non-aqueous system inuence the surface corrosion mechanism? Angelos Michaelides answered: The application of a solvent to DFT can be done by(More)
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