Gregory Henley

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SUMMARY This paper describes design and implementation of an open, extensible object-oriented framework that allows integrating new and legacy components into a single user-friendly Grid Computing Environment. This way we extend the researcher's desktop by providing seamless access to remote resources (that is, hardware, software and data), and thereby(More)
notice, after which this version may no longer be accessible. Abstract—A new multicomputer performance monitoring system is described in this paper. Where possible, the system employs portable performance monitoring instrumentation technology and leverages previous work. Trace event acquisition is hardware assisted and based on the MultiKron, a single–chip(More)
The BDT thread library provides a simple interface for writing multi-threaded Myrinet Control Programs (MCPs) for the Myricom LANai processor. Included in the library are routines for creating new threads and for controlling the scheduling and execution of these threads. Although the thread library only provides a round robin scheduler and only supports(More)
Object-Oriented Fortran (OOF) was developed beginning in 1990 as a means of programming parallel applications in Fortran in a portable fashion. It was designed to hide the underlying machine architecture and message passing mechanism from the application writer. OOF has been implemented on several parallel architectures as well as networks of workstations.(More)
ii DEDICATION I would like to dedicate this project to my wife Albena and my daughter Andrea. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The author expresses his sincere gratitude to the many people whose valuable efforts assisted the implementation of this project. First of all, sincere thanks are due to Dr. Anthony Skjellum, committee chairman, for his guidance and support(More)
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