Gregory Hayes

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This paper studies the effect of path delay on SCTP performance. It focuses on the SCTP fast retransmit algorithm and demonstrates that the performance in the current retransmission strategy will degrade acutely when the secondary path delay is less than the primary path delay at a certain level. The performance degradation is due to the disordered SACKs(More)
This paper studies the performance of multi-homed transport protocols tolerant of network failure. It evaluates the performance of different retransmission policies combined with path failure detection thresholds, infinite or finite receive buffers for various path bandwidths, delays and loss rate conditions through SCTP simulation. The results show that(More)
Dynamic address configuration is essential when maintaining seamless communication sessions in heterogeneous mobile environments. This paper identifies some significant problems when using the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) Dynamic Address Reconfiguration (SCTP-DAR) extension. We illustrate that SCTP-DAR can enter a deadlock state during the(More)
As wireless communication infrastructures such as 3G, WIFI and WIMAX networks are widely deployed, mobile IP communications are expected to grow rapidly. Although there are many mobile IP communication solutions such as GPRS Tunneling Protocol, Mobile IP and so on, they are still unable to provide large-scale mobile communication services in IPv4 networks(More)
The rapid evolution of 3G technology demands an adaptive, robust network management system. In the 3G UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) system, a new radio access network (RAN) called UTRAN (UMTS terrestrial radio access network) is introduced based on W-CDMA (instead of TDMA/FDMA) air interface transmission. The normal network management(More)
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