Gregory H. Chisholm

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Recent community-based population surveys have revealed a much greater prevalence of benign prostatic hyperplasia than previously suspected. From these data it has been projected that there may be more than 2 million men in the UK whose quality of life is to some extent impaired by this disorder. Since there are only 330 fully trained urologists in this(More)
The problem of nding meaningful subcircuits in a logic layout appears in many contexts in computer-aided design. Existing techniques rely upon nding exact matchings of subcircuit structure within the layout. These syntactic techniques fail to identify functionally equivalent subcircuits that are diierently implemented, optimized, or otherwise obfuscated. We(More)
the design process. The design process begins with an abstract description of a target device and, through a succession of refinements, produces an implementable design. Reverse engineering begins with the disassembly of a manufactured device and ends with an abstract description of its functionality. In the case of integrated circuits, the disassembly(More)
Proving claims about behavior of software is essential for the qualification of computer-based systems used in the control of nuclear reactors. For this Problem Corner, we select one of the verification conditions for a C program that initializes an array to zero. We add assertions about the initial conditions and state of the program and about the expected(More)
ÐThis paper describes work that represents the culmination of a comprehensive hardware/software modeling and analysis project concerning the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Fault-Tolerant Processor (FTP). The FTP performs a safety-related function at the Integral Fast Reactor (IFR previously known as the Experimental Breeder Reactor-II) operated by Argonne(More)
There has been limited community engagement in the burgeoning field of genomics research. In the wake of a new discovery of genetic variants that increase the risk of kidney failure and are almost unique to people of African ancestry, community and clinical leaders in Harlem, New York, formed a community board to inform the direction of related research.(More)
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