Gregory Gerhardt

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The effects of 2 fixed antihypertensive combination drugs on blood pressure and aortic elastic properties were compared in 2 parallel groups. Twenty-six patients for 6 months received a calcium antagonist plus ACE inhibitor (verapamil SR 180 mg/trandolapril 1 mg (Vera/Tran)) and 25 patients a beta-adrenoceptor antagonist plus diuretic (metoprolol 100(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate interference by the hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier Hemospan on clinical laboratory assays. DESIGN AND METHODS Interfering Hemospan concentrations were determined for general chemistry and cardiac marker analytes in pooled serum and the corresponding hemolysis index was calculated. RESULTS Hemospan did not interfere with 20 of 35(More)
In a randomized trial lasting six weeks and involving 80 elderly patients with cerebrovascular disorders, the effectiveness and tolerance of dihydroergotoxine was compared with an extract of Ginkgo biloba. On the basis of psychometric tests and assessment scales, it was shown that treatment with either substance improved the condition of the patients.(More)
UNLABELLED The postoperative findings after cataract extraction with corneoscleral incision were compared with those after corneal incision in two groups consisting of 70 patients each. The criteria used were the degree and axis of postoperative astigmatism evaluated ophthalmometrically and the postoperative visual acuity. The preoperative values were taken(More)
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