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  • G Gauthier
  • 1979
A new interpretation of the surgical treatment of Morton's neuroma consists of release of the anterior edge of the deep plantar fascia (deep intermetacarpal ligament) without resection of the neuroma. In 206 patients treated with this technique, 83% had rapid and stable improvement. An additional 15% were improved but with some persistence of pain. Division(More)
Spontaneous intracranial hypotension is uncommon. Clinically it consists mainly of postural headache associated with CSF pressure lower than 5 cm H2O. Recently it has been reported that in this syndrome cerebral MRI shows diffuse and symmetrical meningeal enhancement increasing with Gadolinium and disappearing spontaneously without any particular treatment.(More)
Fifty-two patients having suffered 60 episodes of non convulsive Status Epilepticus (SE) proven by electroencephalography between 1976 and 1986 are reported. According to electroclinical criteria, these SE were classified into three groups: Petit Mal Status (PM St), Psychomotor Status (Ps M St) and Frontal Polar Status (F St). The exact diagnosis could not(More)
We recently observed a case of vertebral artery (VA) dissection following chiropractic neck manipulations. The first manifestation was unusual; in the form of vertigo. Therefore, the patient was referred to the otoneurologist. A VA dissection should be suspected in a case of vertigo following chiropractic neck manipulations, and vestibular tests should be(More)
Although maxillary implant overdentures are used in oral rehabilitation, different designs have not been compared previously in clinical trials. This crossover trial was designed to measure differences in patient satisfaction with maxillary long-bar implant overdentures with and without palatal coverage opposed by a fixed mandibular implant-supported(More)
No biological parameter is currently available as a specific marker of multiple sclerosis (MS) activity. The aim of this study was to determine whether an evolution of the neurological disability is associated with a modified profile of cytokine production. Clinical disease activity was quantitated by the Kurtzke's expanded disability status scale (EDSS).(More)
A unique case of sustained, rhythmical contractions of both orbicularis oculi induced by voluntary eye closure is described. It was observed in a 25-year-old man who had suffered a severe head trauma. The lid phenomenon was synchronous with macro square-wave jerks. Sustained blepharoclonus upon eye closure is likely to be related to dysfunction in the(More)