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Image-based reconstruction from randomly scattered views is a challenging problem. We present a new algorithm that extends Seitz and Dyer's Voxel Coloring algorithm. Unlike their algorithm, ours can use images from arbitrary camera locations. The key problem in this class of algorithms is that of identifying the images from which a voxel is visible. Unlike(More)
Scene reconstruction, the task of generating a 3D model of a scene given multiple 2D photographs taken of the scene, is an old and difficult problem in computer vision. Since its introduction, scene reconstruction has found application in many fields, including robotics, virtual reality, and entertainment. Volumetric models are a natural choice for scene(More)
Segmentation of arterial wall boundaries from intravascular images is an important problem for many applications in the study of plaque characteristics, mechanical properties of the arterial wall, its 3-D reconstruction, and its measurements such as lumen size, lumen radius, and wall radius. We present a shape-driven approach to segmentation of the arterial(More)
Point sets obtained from computer vision techniques are often noisy and non-uniform. We present a new method of surface reconstruction that can handle such data sets using anisotropic basis functions. Our reconstruction algorithm draws upon the work in variational implicit surfaces for constructing smooth and seamless 3D surfaces. Implicit functions are(More)
In this paper, we present methods for 3D volumetric reconstruction of visual scenes photographed by multiple calibrated cameras placed at arbitrary viewpoints. Our goal is to generate a 3D model that can be rendered to synthesize new photo-realistic views of the scene. We improve upon existing voxel coloring / space carving approaches by introducing new(More)
We present an efficient image-based rendering algorithm that generates views of a scene's photo hull. The photo hull is the largest 3D shape that is photo-consistent with photographs taken of the scene from multiple viewpoints. Our algorithm, Image-Based Photo Hulls (IBPH), like the Image-Based Visual Hulls (IBVH) algorithm from Matusik et. al. on which it(More)
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In this paper we derive differential equations for evolving radial basis functions (RBFs) to solve segmentation problems. The differential equations result from applying variational calculus to energy functionals designed for image segmentation. Our methodology supports evolution of all parameters of each RBF, including its position, weight, orientation,(More)