Gregory F. Parkin-Smith

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Pro and active-matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) was measured in sera from patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Guillain-Barre syndome (GBS), and healthy subjects. Both forms of MMP-9 were elevated in sera of ALS and GBS patients, compared with healthy controls. It has been postulated that elevated MMP-9 reflects damage to peripheral nerve(More)
This commissioned review paper offers a summary of our current understanding of nonmalignant spinal pain, particularly persistent pain. Spinal pain can be a complex problem, requiring management that addresses both the physical and psychosocial components of the pain experience. We propose a model of care that includes the necessary components of care(More)
BACKGROUND A definitive diagnosis in chiropractic clinical practice is frequently elusive, yet decisions around management are still necessary. Often, a clinical impression is made after the exclusion of serious illness or injury, and care provided within the context of diagnostic uncertainty. Rather than focussing on labelling the condition, the clinician(More)
BACKGROUND Practice-based data collection can offer insight into the nature of chiropractic practice and contribute to resolving the conundrum of the chiropractic profession's role in contemporary healthcare, subsequently informing care service policy. However, there is little formal data available about chiropractic practice to inform decision-makers about(More)
BACKGROUND This paper reports the quantitative outcomes of a mixed-methods pilot study of the characteristics and demographics of chiropractic practices and patients in Western Australia. METHODS This was a mixed-methods data transformation model (qualitative to quantitative) pilot study. A non-random sample of chiropractic practices across Western(More)
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