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Chemical contrast has long been sought for label-free visualization of biomolecules and materials in complex living systems. Although infrared spectroscopic imaging has come a long way in this direction, it is thus far only applicable to dried tissues because of the strong infrared absorption by water. It also suffers from low spatial resolution due to long(More)
Intravascular photoacoustic-ultrasound (IVPA-US) imaging is an emerging hybrid modality for the detection of lipid-laden plaques, as it provides simultaneous morphological and lipid-specific chemical information of an artery wall. Real-time imaging and display at video-rate speed are critical for clinical utility of the IVPA-US imaging technology. Here, we(More)
The records of 198 women over 80 years of age with breast cancer were reviewed to identify characteristics of breast cancer and to determine the effect of age in management of the disease in elderly women. Twenty percent of the patients were not staged at diagnosis. Axillary lymph node status was undetermined in 40 percent of the patients because operation(More)
In vivo vibrational spectroscopic imaging is inhibited by relatively slow spectral acquisition on the second scale and low photon collection efficiency for a highly scattering system. Recently developed multiplex coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering and stimulated Raman scattering techniques have improved the spectral acquisition time down to microsecond(More)
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