Gregory E Anderson

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Angiopoietin-1/Tek signaling is a critical regulator of blood vessel development, with conventional knockout of angiopoietin-1 or Tek in mice being embryonically lethal due to vascular defects. In addition, angiopoietin-1 is thought to be required for the stability of mature vessels. Using a Cre-Lox conditional gene targeting approach, we have studied the(More)
Young male and female Sprague-Dawley rats were given drinking water containing 5 or 50 ppm Pb for 40 days prior to mating. Pregnant females were continued on these regimens throughout gestation and lactation. After weaning the offspring were similarly exposed through adulthood. Reflex development, body weights, and locomotor activity were measured in the(More)
To test whether the Müller's cell, and not the fibrous astrocyte alone, is an active glial element in proliferative diabetic retinopathy, we developed a method using enzyme histochemical analysis for carbonic anhydrase and immunolabelling for glial fibrillary acidic protein on plastic-embedded sections to detect Müller's cells in degenerated retinas. Four(More)
Sensitization to drugs, such as amphetamine, is associated with alterations in the morphology of neurons in the nucleus accumbens, a brain region critical to motivation and reward. The studies reported here indicate that a strong natural motivator, sodium depletion and associated salt appetite, also leads to alterations in neurons in nucleus accumbens.(More)
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease with unknown cause characterized by inflammation and demyelination in the central nervous system. Although an autoimmune pathogenesis has been suggested, there are no conclusive data on the number of T cells autoreactive with myelin antigens in MS compared to controls. We showed that T lymphocytes secreting(More)
Although the adult brain contains neural stem cells (NSCs) that generate new neurons throughout life, these astrocyte-like populations are restricted to two discrete niches. Despite their terminally differentiated phenotype, adult parenchymal astrocytes can re-acquire NSC-like characteristics following injury, and as such, these ‘reactive’ astrocytes offer(More)
A new modification of pancreas transplant technique, the vascularized segmental intraperitoneal graft without duct ligation, has provided reversal of insulin-dependent (type I) diabetes mellitus for as long as 2 years of comfortable life. Although the risks associated with immunosuppression remain high (two of the 12 patients have died of early(More)
Glucose and arginine infusion tests were performed on 12 healthy volunteers (8 males, 4 females) before and after serotoninergic activation [oral administration of L-5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP-) for 6 days] and serotoninergic inhibition (oral treatment with D,L-p-chloropenylalanine for 6 days). 5-HTP treatment markedly increased urinary(More)
The implication of the sex-specific part of the Y-chromosome (YS-SP) on brain serotonin (5-HT) level was investigated using congenic strains for this chromosomal region. The 5-HT level, which was higher in the NZB than in the CBA/H strain of mice, was depleted by the transfer of the YS-SP from NZB on CBA/H whereas the transfer of the YS-SP from CBA/H on NZB(More)
Laparoscopic investigation of primary infertility was performed in 104 women at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi. Time of admission was during the 2nd half of the cycle in order to determine whether ovulation had occurred. The endometrial curettings were divided into 2: 1 was sent for histology and the other for culture and guinea pig innoculation(More)