Gregory Dubus

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In this paper we present a vibration control scheme for a long-reach inspection arm in an environment as constrained as a fusion reactor. The ultra-high vacuum, the high operating temperature, the significant residual magnetic field and the nuclear activation in ITER will prevent from considering common on-the-shelf dynamics sensors. Therefore we propose to(More)
Thanks to recent advances in machine vision technology, vibration control of flexible manipulators using cameras have recently led to very promising results. However, in methods such as on-line sinusoidal regression [1], synchronization between the measured signal and the physical vibrational phenomenon is critical to properly damp vibrations. This paper(More)
A vision-based vibration suppression scheme has previously been proposed to control the vibrational behaviour of long-reach arms operating in fusion reactors. In this paper we describe a new method to reconstruct the vibration using sinusoidal regression. This change makes the overall scheme more efficient since it enables the estimation of the tip(More)
This paper presents the developments carried out at CEA LIST to adapt the 6-DOF hydraulic manipulator Maestro to work with pure water instead of oil. Its elbow joint has been redesigned for water applications and a prototype of water hydraulic pressure servovalve has been manufactured. Both performances of the actuator and its pre-actuator are discussed. A(More)
ITER will be the next step fusion reactor. Owing to plasma interactions, some in-vessel components are expected to erode to such an extent that they will require replacement several times during the lifetime of the machine. As the irradiation of the torus structure forbids direct human access inside the vessel, all the nominal maintenance will be carried(More)
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