Gregory Dougherty

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Integrative analyses of epigenetic data promise a deeper understanding of the epigenome. Epidaurus is a bioinformatics tool used to effectively reveal inter-dataset relevance and differences through data aggregation, integration and visualization. In this study, we demonstrated the utility of Epidaurus in validating hypotheses and generating novel(More)
A program written in C is described which finds maximum likelihood estimates of regression coefficients and other relevant parameters for a point process with covariates. The data are assumed to come from a Poisson point process and may be modelled, at the user's choice, either totally parametrically or semi-parametrically. Furthermore, extra Poisson(More)
A novel method of determining the number of superhelical turns of a covalently-closed plasmid DNA is described. It relies on the determination of the hyperchromicity, and hence the proportion of unstacked basepairs, of a partially heat-denatured sample which co-migrates during electrophoresis with nicked circular duplex DNA. The values obtained for plasmid(More)
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