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Information, Community, and Action: How Nonprofit Organizations Use Social Media
The rapid diffusion of “microblogging” services such as Twitter is ushering in a new era of possibilities for organizations to communicate with and engage their core stakeholders and the general public. Expand
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Engaging Stakeholders Through Twitter: How Nonprofit Organizations Are Getting More Out of 140 Characters or Less
This paper looks into how 73 nonprofit organizations use Twitter to engage stakeholders not only through their tweets, but also through other various communication methods. Expand
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Modeling the adoption and use of social media by nonprofit organizations
This study examines what drives organizational adoption and use of social media through a model built around four key factors – strategy, capacity, governance and environment. Expand
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Tweeting Social Change
How are nonprofit organizations utilizing social media to engage in advocacy work?   We address this question by investigating the social media use of 188 501(c)(3) advocacy organizations.   AfterExpand
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Accountability Online: Understanding the Web-Based Accountability Practices of Nonprofit Organizations
Nonprofit organizations are increasingly using Internet-based technologies to address accountability. This article presents a set of conceptual, theoretical, and empirical innovations to helpExpand
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What do Stakeholders Like on Facebook? Examining Public Reactions to Nonprofit Organizations’ Informational, Promotional, and Community-Building Messages
Although public relations scholarship has often discussed the possibilities of dialogue and engagement using social media, research has not truly explored this dynamic. Instead, research on socialExpand
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The Strategic Use of Information Technology by Nonprofit Organizations: Increasing Capacity and Untapped Potential
How are nonprofits using information technology to enhance mission-related outcomes and boost organizational performance? The authors examine a large-scale survey of nonprofits’ technology planning,Expand
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Rules of Crowdsourcing: Models, Issues, and Systems of Control
In this article, the authors first provide a practical yet rigorous definition of crowdsourcing that incorporates “crowds,” outsourcing, and social web technologies. Expand
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The Social Network Effect
Social networking applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Crowdrise offer new ways for nonprofits to engage the community in fundraising efforts. This study employs data from Facebook Causes toExpand
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Web Disclosure and the Market for Charitable Contributions
Nonprofit organizations face intense competition in the market for charitable contributions. Increasingly, donation decisions are made online, and organizations have responded by implementingExpand
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