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Examination of the extracellular products of nephritis(+) and nephritis(-) group A streptococci revealed the presence of a 46-kD protein secreted by nephritogenic strains that binds to human plasmin. Immunological data revealed that this protein, called nephritis plasmin binding protein (NPBP), is not related to group A streptokinase nor to a recently(More)
Advancement in ambient intelligence is driving the trend towards innovative interaction with computing systems. In this paper, we present our efforts towards the development of the ambient intelligent space TALA, which has the concept of empathy in cognitive science as its architecture's backbone to guide its human-system interactions. We envision TALA to(More)
This paper describes a unit of collective structures that is being used to acquire and access data throughout the empathic space. The data include but is not limited to the output of sensors (ambient, context, and user location) and multimedia content (audio and video) which serves as input for various empathic computing activities or processes. The system(More)
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