Gregory Clyde Mitchell

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The authors reanalyzed data from 2 influential studies-A. R. McConnell and J. M. Leibold and J. C. Ziegert and P. J. Hanges-that explore links between implicit bias and discriminatory behavior and that have been invoked to support strong claims about the predictive validity of the Implicit Association Test. In both of these studies, the inclusion of race(More)
This article reports a meta-analysis of studies examining the predictive validity of the Implicit Association Test (IAT) and explicit measures of bias for a wide range of criterion measures of discrimination. The meta-analysis estimates the heterogeneity of effects within and across 2 domains of intergroup bias (interracial and interethnic), 6 criterion(More)
Anderson, Lindsay, and Bushman (1999) compared effect sizes from laboratory and field studies of 38 research topics compiled in 21 meta-analyses and concluded that psychological laboratories produced externally valid results. A replication and extension of Anderson et al. (1999) using 217 lab-field comparisons from 82 meta-analyses found that the external(More)
Radiotherapy for head and neck tumors often results in persistent loss of function in salivary glands. Patients suffering from impaired salivary function frequently terminate treatment prematurely because of reduced quality of life caused by malnutrition and other debilitating side-effects. It has been previously shown in mice expressing a constitutively(More)
Conceptual distinctions that loom large to philosophers-such as the distinction between utilitarian and deontic decision norms-may be far less salient to most other mortals. Building on an intuitive-politician model of judgment and choice and on the empirical work reported by Bennis, Medin, and Bartels (2010, this issue), we argue that the overriding goal(More)
In two experiments, participants judged the fairness of different distributions of wealth in hypothetical societies. In the first study, the level of meritocracy in the hypothetical societies and the frame of reference from which participants judged alternative distributions of wealth interacted to influence fairness judgments. As meritocracy increased, all(More)
A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in the neuropeptide Y gene has been associated with elevated serum lipid levels and cardiovascular disease. The polymorphism (T1128C) changes the seventh amino acid in the prohormone from leucine to proline. It has been speculated this alters neuropeptide Y (NPY) synthesis, trafficking, or secretion. We tested this(More)
3 The psychological experiments commonly test for one bias at a time. Subjects may perform well in economics experiments because (i) they are free from bias, (ii) their biases offset so they act as if they are free from bias, or (iii) the market mechanism ameliorates the subjects' errors. Besharov (2004) analyzes the effect of offsetting biases. This paper(More)
[Correction Notice: An Erratum for this article was reported in Vol 100(5) of Journal of Applied Psychology (see record 2015-40760-001). there are errors in some of the values listed in Table 6 that do not alter any of the conclusions or substantive statements in the original article. The corrected portion of Table 6 is in the correction. The positive(More)