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Modelling of wastewater treatment plants--how far shall we go with sophisticated modelling tools?
Several levels of complexity are available for modelling of wastewater treatment plants. Modelling local effects rely on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) approaches whereas activated sludge modelsExpand
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Modelling vortex formation in an unbaffled stirred tank reactors
Agitating liquids in unbaffled stirred tank leads to the formation of a vortex in the region of the impeller shaft when operating in the turbulent flow regime. A numerical model is presented hereExpand
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Three-dimensional gas-liquid simulation of an airlift bubble column reactor
Basic hydrodynamic parameters of an airlift reactor with internal loop were estimated experimentally and simulated using commercially available CFD software from Fluent. Circulation velocity in aExpand
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The effects of H1 and H2 antihistamines on histamine inhalation challenges in asthmatic patients.
This study was designed to examine the effect of an H1 antihistamine, chlorpheniramine, an H2 antihistamine, cimetidine, and the combination of chlorpheniramine and cimetidine on histamine-inducedExpand
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Evaluation of nasal patency by fiberoptic rhinoscopy.
A novel method of assessing anterior nasal patency by flexible fiberoptic rhinoscopy was evaluated in two centers by comparison with active anterior rhinomanometry. Rhinoscopy and rhinomanometry wereExpand
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Gas-liquid simulation of an airlift bubble column reactor
The simulation of two-phase flow for an experimental airlift reactor (32-l volume) using commercially available software from Fluent Incorporated is presented here (http://www.fluent.co.uk). DataExpand
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Assessment of nasal patency by rhinoscopic measurement of cross sectional nasal airway area: correlation with subjective nasal symptoms.
Assessment of nasal patency by the recording of nasal symptom scores was compared with an objective method of determining nasal airway area using a fiberoptic rhinoscope. Sixty patients with activeExpand
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CFD and bubble column reactors:simulation and experiment
The simulation of two-phase flow in bubble columns using commercially available software fromFluent Incorporated is presented here. Data from a bubble column with a ratio of height to thecolumnExpand
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Numerical and experimental investigations for insulation particle transport phenomena in water flow
The investigation of insulation debris generation, transport and sedimentation becomes more important with regard to reactor safety research for pressurized and boiling water reactors, whenExpand
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Modelling the resuspensions of fibres in the racetrack channel
Presentation of the progress made in modelling fibre agglomerate transport in the racetrack channel. Fibre agglomerates can be generated through the disruption of insulation materials during LOCA inExpand