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The Caulobacter crescentus histidine kinase genes pleC and divJ have been implicated in the regulation of polar morphogenesis and cell division, respectively. Mutations in pleC also potentiate the cell division phenotype of divJ mutations. To investigate the involvement of the PleC kinase in motility and cell cycle regulation, we carried out a(More)
The satiation theory of ambiguous figures holds that interpretation shifts are caused by fatigue of neural arrangements responsible for the prevailing interpretation. A four-state multistable figure is introduced, in which two depicted cubes can be seen as connected or unconnected and as facing up or facing down. Observers viewed the figure for 4 min. When(More)
We present a novel spatial planning system that automatically generates machining plans with stable fixtures to fabricate complex geometries. Given a cutting tool, the system initially finds all tool poses that do not cut into the desired part geometry, and constructs the maximal volume removable from a raw stock according to the tool's degrees of freedom.(More)
  • G Burton
  • 2000
The author investigated the possibility that nonvisual locomotion with a cane depends on the sound of the cane tapping. Blindfolded participants were asked to judge whether a gap in front of them could be crossed by walking. An acoustic analysis suggested that sound could, in theory, distinguish the gaps. Blindfolded sighted participants in Experiments 1(More)
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