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A significant portion of DNA consists of repeating patterns of various sizes, from very small (one, two and three nucleotides) to very large (over 300 nucleotides). Although the functions of these repeating regions are not well understood, they appear important for understanding the expression, regulation and evolution of DNA. For example, increases in the(More)
Depression is one of the most commonly diagnosed psychological health problems and a major cause of disability in this country. Very little attention, however, has been given to depression among Latinos. To address this issue, the authors provide a review of the literature on psychosocial factors that contribute to depression within the Latino adult(More)
We present a word based variable length coding technique for natural language text collection, allowing searching directly in compressed text without decompression. The search technique uses a variant of Boyer Moore algorithm. The compression technique achieves (i) simpler and efficient partial decoding of arbitrary portion of text (ii) good compression(More)
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