Gregory Bennett

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It has been suggested that homocysteine-induced defects are mediated by the inhibition of the N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptor on neural crest cells. However, the majority of this work has been performed using the chicken embryo model. In an effort to better understand the molecular events involved a murine model of homocysteine-induced defects was(More)
The disposition of carbamazepine (CBZ) was investigated in the SWV mouse. A 14C-CBZ dose was administered to CBZ pretreated mice, and the distribution of radiolabeled material was determined. Twenty-four hours after the 14C-CBZ dose, 92.5% of the dose was accounted for in urine (56%), in the visera and carcass (22%), in feces (11%), and expired as 14CO2(More)
Cocaine use by pregnant women may adversely affect development and behavior in the exposed infants. Sonic hedgehog (shh) is a secreted protein that induces development of many structures in the embryo, including dopaminergic cells in the ventral midbrain, the limb buds, and eyes. Because prenatal cocaine exposure has been shown to adversely affect the(More)
Motion capture technology is increasingly being used across a range of digital moving image practice, from 3D animation, digital visual effects and gaming, to digitally augmented live performance and dance. Keeping abreast of developing and cutting edge moving image production technologies is often a constant challenge in digital moving image-related(More)
Alterations in gene expression due to in utero cocaine exposure may adversely affect nervous system development. The present study examined whether or not cocaine administration to pregnant mice alters embryonic mRNA levels for several developmentally-regulated genes. Antisense RNA amplification was performed using RNA from LM/Bc embryos at gestational days(More)
Educational spaces within a university campus have traditionally been seen as a lecture theatre with an area set aside for tutorials. In the case of a computer-based teaching programme, this has been a computer lab, with projector, screen and lecturer at the front of the room. All teaching has usually been in semi-darkness and, as the work is(More)
Film, television and media production are subject to consistent change due to ever-evolving technological and economic environments. Accordingly, tertiary teaching of subject areas such as cinema, animation and visual effects require frequent adjustments regarding curriculum structure and pedagogy. This paper discusses a multifaceted, cross-disciplinary(More)
Neurologic outcomes following pediatric cardiac arrest are consistently poor. Early initiation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation has been shown to have positive effects on both survival to hospital discharge, and improved neurological outcomes after cardiac arrest. Additionally, the use of therapeutic hypothermia may improve survival in pediatric cardiac(More)
What happens inside jails and prisons does not stay inside jails and prisons. It comes home with prisoners after they are released and with corrections officers at the end of each day's shift. We must create safe and productive conditions of confinement not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it influences the safety, health, and(More)
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