Gregory Bell

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We prove an asymptotic analog of the classical Hurewicz theorem on mappings that lower dimension. This theorem allows us to find sharp upper bound estimates for the asymptotic dimension of groups acting on finitedimensional metric spaces and allows us to prove a useful extension theorem for asymptotic dimension. As applications we find upper bound estimates(More)
White adipose tissue is an important endocrine organ involved in the control of whole-body metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and food intake. To better understand these functions, 3T3-L1 cell differentiation was studied by using combined proteomic and genomic strategies. The proteomics approach developed here exploits velocity gradient centrifugation as an(More)
We examine asymptotic dimension and property A for groups acting on complexes. In particular, we prove that the fundamental group of a finite, developable complex of groups will have finite asymptotic dimension provided the geometric realization of the development has finite asymptotic dimension and the vertex groups are finitely generated and have finite(More)
BACKGROUND Manual therapy is an intervention commonly advocated in the management of dizziness of a suspected cervical origin. Vestibular rehabilitation exercises have been shown to be effective in the treatment of unilateral peripheral vestibular disorders, and have also been suggested in the literature as an adjunct in the treatment of cervicogenic(More)
Distribution and elimination of lidocaine and mepivacaine were studies in 114 subjects after obstetric epidural anesthesia, Epinephrine significantly lowered the concentrations of lidocaine in the mothers' circulations by about 33 per cent, and the concentrations of mepivacaine by about 22 per cent. It also significantly altered their concentrations in the(More)
A novel peptide, AMG 416 (formerly KAI-4169, and with a United States Adopted Name: velcalcetide), has been identified that acts as an agonist of the calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR). This article summarizes the in vitro and in vivo characterization of AMG 416 activity and the potential clinical utility of this novel compound. AMG 416 activates the human(More)
It is relatively easy to construct a finitely generated group with infinite asymptotic dimension: the restricted wreath product of Z by Z provides an example. In light of this, it becomes interesting to consider the rate of growth of the asymptotic dimension function of a group. Loosely speaking, we measure the dimension on λ-scale and let λ increase to(More)