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OBJECTIVES This paper describes research that examined the association between high-risk sexual and drug-using behaviors during incarceration and HIV infection for African-American men receiving HIV care at three public medical centers in Los Angeles County (LAC), California. METHODS A case-control study was conducted in which 305 HIV-infected(More)
Starting in October 2001 the Center for Monitoring Research (CMR) engaged in an advanced concept demonstration (ACD) to improve nuclear-explosion monitoring capability, focused on the Chinese test site at Lop Nor. A demonstration prototype system was developed by integrating innovative techniques gleaned from recent research and development advances.(More)
The major technical obstacle to the signing of nuclear test ban treaties is the issue of verifying compliance. Since the banning of atmospheric and oceanic testing (Limited Test Ban Treaty of 1963) pushed testing underground, seismic monitoring has been one of the most important technologies available for monitoring compliance with test ban treaties. The(More)
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