Gregory Backus

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Animal acoustic communication often takes the form of complex sequences, made up of multiple distinct acoustic units. Apart from the well-known example of birdsong, other animals such as insects, amphibians, and mammals (including bats, rodents, primates, and cetaceans) also generate complex acoustic sequences. Occasionally, such as with birdsong, the(More)
This paper reported on a decision support system (DSS) for strategic planning on pig farms. The DSS was based. on a stochastic simulation model of investment decisions (ISM). ISM described a farm with one loan and one building using 23 variables. The simulation model calculated the results of a strategic plan for an individual pig farm over a time horizon(More)
Male Mexican Free-tailed Bats (Tadarida brasiliensis) attract mates and defend territory using multi-phrase songs that have a structured set of rules. A subjective view of their spectrograms shows similarity and dissimilarity between the chirps (a syllable within the song) of different males. We developed a rigorous algorithm to characterize the shapes of(More)
  • Hoogleraar R B M Huirne, Bedrijfseconomie Agrarische, P Van Beek, H W Saatkamp, B Petersen, F Van Knapen +4 others
  • 2003
Epidemiological and economic simulation of Salmonella control in the pork supply chain. Abstract Pork can be regarded as an important source for food borne salmonellosis. Salmonella bacteria can be introduced and spread in every stage of the pork supply chain and cause a risk for food safety. The objective of this research is to gain insight into the(More)
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