Gregory B. Winter

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OBJECTIVE To review a series of cases of hypophosphataemic vitamin D resistant rickets. SUBJECTS INCLUDED: Seventeen cases, aged between 2 years 1 month and 15 years 9 months at first referral, and with an established diagnosis of vitamin D resistant rickets from twelve families were included in the review. Information was drawn from patient records for(More)
Fifty subjects with amelogenesis imperfecta were investigated clinically and with cephalometric radiography in order to determine the prevalence and nature of the anterior open-bite, which has been reported in association with these enamel defects. Anterior open-bite occurred in 24 percent of the subjects and was always associated with a severe discrepancy(More)
Amelogenins are an heterogenous family of proteins produced by ameloblasts of the enamel organ during tooth development. Disturbances of enamel formation occur in amelogenesis imperfecta, a clinically heterogenous group of inherited disorders characterised by defective enamel biomineralisation. An amelogenin gene, AMGX, has been mapped to the short of the X(More)
An eight-year-old boy was referred for dental assessment of dentinogenesis imperfecta, a full clinical examination also revealed joint hypermobility and some features of mild osteogenesis imperfecta although he had suffered few fractures. Analysis of the collagens produced by both gingival and skin fibroblast cultures showed the synthesis and intracellular(More)
Previous surveys carried out in the inner city area of Camden between 1966 and 1986 gave indication of a deterioration in dental health in pre-school children during the 1980s. Four hundred and six children were included in the current survey, which used the same sampling and methodology as previously. The aims of the present survey were to determine the(More)