Gregory Allen Kohring

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The European GEMSS Project 1 is concerned with the creation of medical Grid service prototypes and their evaluation in a secure service-oriented infrastructure for distributed on-demand super-computing-the GEMSS test-bed. The medical prototype applications include maxillo-facial surgery simulation, neuro-surgery support, radio-surgery planning, inhaled(More)
We discuss the simulation of granular materials and the problems encountered when parallelizing these simulations. The main problem of inadequately balanced loads can be mitigated via the use of a dynamic load balancing procedure. We discuss a mapping of this procedure onto a determinis-tic cellular automaton and show that the time needed for convergence(More)
Wonderland, a compact, integrated economic, demographic and environmental model is investigated using methods developed for studying critical phenomena. Simulation results show the parameter space separates into two phases, one of which contains the property of long term, sustainable development. By employing information contain in the phase diagram, an(More)
Data transfer and staging services are common components in Grid-based, or more generally, in service-oriented applications. Security mechanisms play a central role in such services, especially when they are deployed in sensitive application fields like e-health. The adoption of WS-Security and related standards to SOAP-based transfer services is, however,(More)