Gregory A. Ross

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Water plays a critical role in ligand-protein interactions. However, it is still challenging to predict accurately not only where water molecules prefer to bind, but also which of those water molecules might be displaceable. The latter is often seen as a route to optimizing affinity of potential drug candidates. Using a protocol we call WaterDock, we show(More)
The identification of the Flora Roberts and G. A. Ross recipients for 2008 begins with the call for nominations. This is your invitation to submit nominations. These are two highly prestigious awards that are critically dependent on the nominations from faculty or departmental staff. Faculty and departmental assessments of student achievement consistent(More)
The ability of essential fatty acids (EFAs) to modulate radiation-induced normal tissue injury was assessed in pig skin. Female Large White pigs (approximately 25 Kg) received 3 ml/day orally of either an 'active' oil [So-1100, containing 9% gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)] or a 'placebo' oil (So-1129) for just 4 weeks before or for 4 weeks before and for 16(More)
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