Gregory A . Neyhart

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The temperature dependence of the intervalence transfer (IT) band for the transition [(bpy)2ClRu11(pz)Ru111(NH3),]4+ [(bpy),ClR~~~~(pz)Ru~~(NH~),]*+ (pz = pyrazine; bpy = 2,2'-bipyridine) has been studied in CH,OD and in a nitrile solvent mixture, The temperature dependences of El12 for the component RU~I'/ '~ couples in this complex were also studied by(More)
For the RuIII/II couple in [(bpy)2ClOs(4,4′-bpy)Ru(NH3)5] (bpy ) 2,2′-bipyridine; 4,4′-bpy ) 4,4′bipyridine), E1/2 varies linearly with the donor number (DN) of the solvent with a slope of -26 ( 3 mV/DN unit ranging from nitromethane to dimethyl sulfoxide. For the OsIII/II couple, the variation is -3 ( 1 mV/DN unit. Plots of ∆E1/2 ) E1/2(2) E1/2(1) vs DN(More)
Kinetic parameters for the oxidation of D-ribose, 2-deoxy-~-nbose, adenosine 5’-monophosphate (AMP), adenosine 5‘-diphosphate (ADP), 2‘-deoxyadenosine 5‘-monophosphate (dAMP), cytidine 5‘-monophosphate (CMP), 2’-deoxycytidine 5’-monophosphate (dCMP), and thymidine 5’-monophosphate (TMP) by Ru(tpy)(bpy)02+ were determined in pH 7 phosphate buffer (tpy =(More)
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